Tips on Choosing the Right Social Media Platform For Your Business

Upon deciding on investing in social media marketing, the next step is to think of a social media platform you should use. Primarily, this is simple to do. You will begin to setup a Facebook Page, a Twitter profile and, after, add others in time. However, today, there are a lot of changes that happened. For a fact, Instagram is a vital choice to have, Facebook’s lowering organic reach says it may be less of a focus, Twitter’s algorithm alters the formula, and LinkedIn’s allowing added traffic. Also, Pinterest, too, is slowly getting important to have, but when you’re going to form a video content, then YouTube should be on your choice. Consulting an online marketing company is key to these steps.


On the other hand, if you can’t be active on all of these tools each time, the question is which platforms would be perfect for your company and marketing efforts?

Three Tips to Picking the Right Social Media Platform for Your Company

Social media marketing is a vital tool for any company wishing to grow. In this lieu, there are three tips to aid one to find the right platforms to use.

    1. Get to Know Your Target Audience

Who is your company’s target audience? What are the platforms you are spending most of your time? During the time you are on these platforms, what should you do? What are you getting at? Who are the people your company is interacting with? How are they conversing in the platform? One should look at the key demographics (like gender and location of the clients) and encourage a basic understanding of what every network is used for.

Furthermore, you may also want to see which social media platform is your competitors have successfully built a relationship with their own audience. During a basic Google keyword search, you may gain an understanding which social media network your market takes part on. For example, do a search on words such as “motorcycle shops + Facebook”, or “motorcycles + Pinterest”. According to an online marketing company, even if your company acts within a niche market, you’ll be surprised at a general spectrum of users who takes part on social media networks.

2. Get to Know Your Objective on Social Media

The questions to ask in this lieu is “What are your social media marketing goals?,” “Are you allowing to add more audience, translate word of mouth, or act within your current customers on social media?” Conduct an audit of your company and begin with identifying gaps in your present marketing plans. Answer further questions like: “Add more base?,” “Gain more customer service and add customer loyalty?,” “Begin a channel for customer questions?,” “Converse with your customers on new products, services, or deals?,” “Add more traffic to your website?,” and “Do informal market research?”

Basically, rather than mentioning your goals in talk of the number of fans or followers you want to converse with, think about which social media platform will help you develop a relationship with your audience. For a fact, the number of followers you bear is basically a vanity metric that doesn’t show the company’s success. It’s vital to know that with the use of social media, a bigger audience doesn’t basically convert to real results for the company. On the other hand, a highly engaged audience will endow results. Compare the objectives of your social media marketing plan with the platform that will be right for your objectives.

3. Define Your Resources and Skills

At this point, the question is “What kinds of resources and skills are required to use a successful social media marketing plan for the varied type of networks?” It is a basic understanding that every platform is unique in talk of how you can engage your audience. However, every platform also complements varied sets of skills and ask for varied resources to function. According to an online marketing company, it’s not only vital to compare the needs of your company with the right social network, but it’s also necessary that you bear the skill set and resources to correctly execute it.

In the market, there are also a list of free marketing tools online to aid you in constructing what is optimized for every type of social media network. Think about the list of strengths you have and research the kind of resources or skills that partakes to be successful on every network.

Picking the right platforms and applying a plan for your social media marketing is necessary to saving you time and resources in the future.

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