5 Simple Steps To Make Money With Google Adwords

Thanks to Google Adwords, we can start making money quickly with our website.

If you’ve never really considered the possibility of having your own business on the internet, it is time for you to start considering it.

Ryan Khong From Word Of Mouth Agency

say’s there is no better way to earn a living than working on your own. You set your schedule. You can work at any time. You can take a vacation whenever you want.

Therefore, I will show you five simple steps so you can start using Google Adwords and start making money quickly, even if you are not an expert. Apply them to your online business and start getting results fast:

1. Find a profitable niche that pays on two levels or pays residual income.

First of all, the products or services you will promote with Google Adwords must be products from niches, where people have a lot of money to spend.

Second, you can make a lot more money by promoting products that pay in two tiers or that offer residual income.

With programs that offer commissions on two levels, you get benefits from what your affiliates do. In this way, you will earn commissions not only on your sales but also on your affiliates’ sales.

2. Use adequate tools for your research on the keywords you will use in your Adwords campaign.

You just have to enter your direct competitor’s domain name and see what the keywords are they are bidding on.

Knowing the keywords that your competition is using can increase your profits.

Second, since the competition on pay-per-click is fiercer than ever, use keyword research tools like the Google Keyword Tool.

3. Buy a domain name and create a landing page for each product that you promote with Adwords.

If you don’t have your website for every product or service that you are promoting through any PPC service, you are simply leaving money on the table.

4. Capture the email addresses of your visitors on the landing page.

Yes, you can promote your affiliate links directly with Google Adwords. But if you do so, you will end up losing a lot of leads that you could contact later and earn more money.

5. Follow up with your subscribers to pre-sell your products and services. Also, later on, you can sell them again.

This step is where the real benefits are realized. Simply create specific quality content in your newsletter or course, and then follow up with your potential customers using an autoresponder.

Some statistics say that to sell a product or service, you need 7-10 follow-up messages.

You can also reach out to your subscribers at any time later with new quality products that interest your target market niche.

Therefore, you need a simple action plan that will help you drive profits with Google AdWords. As you can see, without a website, you won’t be able to benefit as much as you can by creating a simple website for each product you promote.